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Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween

Tips to Stay Safe This Halloween

Many families, especially kids, look forward to Halloween. It’s the one time of year that they get to dress as their favorite characters and enjoy as much candy as they want. With an increase of both drivers and passengers on the road and most of Halloween’s activities taking place in the dark, it’s also important to be safe.

Safety Tips for You and Your Family This Halloween Season

Here are a few tips that you and your family can use this Halloween season:

Teach Kids How to Stay Safe

If your kid is old enough to go trick-or-treating with their friends without supervision, it’s important to go over a few safety rules with them. In addition to obvious rules that you have already discussed with them, including avoiding strangers and looking both ways before crossing a road, it may be good to talk about the importance of avoiding alcohol and drugs.

Enhance Visibility

Dark costumes or clothing can make it difficult for drivers on the road to notice kids who are out on the streets. You might bring a flashlight to increase visibility, or place reflective tape on costumes. This can help to prevent pedestrian accidents and injuries that may be due to distracted driving or dark conditions.

Check Your Child’s Costume Fit

Costumes that don’t fit correctly can lead your child to slip and fall, which can be especially dangerous when crossing roads. Before your child heads out tricking and treating, check the fit of their costume. Make any necessary adjustments ahead of time. You might also have them remove their mask when walking and replace them when at the door.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

You might want to join in on your family’s Halloween celebrations, which may include a drink or two. With the increase of pedestrians on the road and numerous distractions, it can be dangerous. There’s also likely to be an increase in police on the road, looking specifically for drivers under the influence.

Never Allow a Child to Go Alone

Even if your child doesn’t want you to take them out this year, enlist a trusted family member to do so or ensure your child is with a group of people that you know and trust. Children who are alone may be a target for criminals. The child may also not know who to turn to if they’re in trouble and need help.

Encourage Your Child to Go Where They’re Familiar

It may be tempting to go to a new neighborhood to find out how good the treats and candy are there. However, this can be dangerous because the child may not know their way around. Unless they are going with you or a trusted family member, encourage them to stay in the neighborhood they know.

Talk with neighbors and agree to watch out for each other’s kids. If possible, encourage a group of them to go together.

Stay Safe This Halloween

Halloween can be one of the most exciting times of the year for children and adults. Reduce the risk of an injury by setting some ground rules and teaching your child how to stay safe.

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