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Hackensack Personal Injury Lawyer

Seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Focused Advocacy and Representation to Accident Victims in Hackensack and Throughout Bergen County, NJ

After you’ve been injured in Hackensack, the shock of being involved in an accident may cause you to completely forget to take action to protect and preserve your rights to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Or sometimes, an accident may impose serious financial pressures on you and your family such that accepting a quick check from the insurance company is just too tempting to pass up. In either case, you may not seek out experienced legal advice about your legal rights and options or the true value of your personal injury claim until it is too late to take action to get the maximum amount of financial compensation you would have been entitled to under the law. 

Where you may not be certain whether or not you have a viable personal injury claim, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can review your case and help you determine whether another party bears some liability for your accident and injuries.

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our Hackensack personal injury attorneys bring an extensive background in personal injury law and the insurance industry to provide you with critical guidance in your particular case. We can help you get the financial recovery you need and deserve no matter how complex the facts of your case are, or how difficult the insurance company is in refusing to accept your claim or pay you the compensation you think you deserve. Contact us today for a free case review.

Birkhold & Maider Has a Comprehensive Personal Injury Practice for Accident Victims in Hackensack

Our Hackensack personal injury attorneys have extensive experience helping the injured victims of a wide variety of accidents, including for:

No matter what kind of accident you may have suffered, our firm can help you recover compensation when your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence.

Client-Focused Personal Injury Lawyers Help Accident Victims Secure Full Compensation for Damages in Hackensack

When you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s actions or omissions, you deserve to seek financial compensation not only to help with the economic losses that you’ve suffered as a result of your injuries but also to obtain some measure of justice for the personal harm and suffering you have had to endure. At Birkhold & Maider, we believe in giving our maximum effort until you are provided with the fair and full compensation you deserve, including for:

Let us review the details of your case and advise you as to the full extent of compensation you may be entitled to in your Hackensack personal injury case.

Schedule a Free Case Review with a Hackensack Personal Injury Attorney at Birkhold & Maider Today

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or other legal fault, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and damages. Don’t wait one more day to start the process of getting the financial recovery you deserve. Contact Birkhold & Maider for a free, no-obligation consultation with a Hackensack personal injury lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options.

About Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack is a city located in and the county seat of Bergen County, New Jersey. Formerly officially known as New Barbadoes Township until 1921, the city gets its name for its position on the Hackensack River. Hackensack is considered a suburb of New York City, sitting about 12 miles northwest of Manhattan. Hackensack has a diverse mix of neighborhoods ranging from commercial districts, high-rises, suburban single-family homes, college campuses, and industrial areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury in Hackensack, NJ

FAQ: If the person who caused my accident offers to cut me a check at the scene, should I take it?

No. You should never accept money or any offer to settle or resolve legal claims before first talking with a personal injury attorney. Although getting money quickly to help pay bills after an accident can be very tempting, once you settle or release your claims against those at fault for your accident, you won’t be able to demand further compensation, even if you incur additional damages in the future. If you talk with a personal injury lawyer from Birkhold & Maider, we can review your case to advise you as to how much damages you have incurred and will likely incur moving forward as a result of your accident.

FAQ: What steps should I take after I’ve been in an accident?

Although being injured in an accident can leave you feeling dazed and confused, the minutes and hours following an accident represent the best opportunity to secure evidence that might be critical to a later claim for compensation. If possible, you should try to take photos or video of your accident scene and any visible injuries you may have suffered. You should be sure to report the accident to the relevant parties (such as the local police if you’ve been in a car accident, or a business or property owner if you suffer a slip and fall). You should also be sure to get contact information from all those persons involved in your accident as well as from any eyewitnesses. Finally, you should also get checked out by a medical professional, even if you don’t think you were hurt, to confirm any injuries you may have suffered in the accident.

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