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Uber Accident Lawyers in Essex County, NJ

New Jersey Uber Accident Lawyers Skillfully Advocate for Accident Victims in Essex County, NJ

Most New Jersey residents know how convenient and widely available Uber services are in Essex County.  Usually, an Uber trip is a safe, uneventful and everyday occurrence. However, an Uber driver is a driver like any other—meaning that an accident is always a possibility.  

Despite the obvious similarities, Uber accidents are different in that Uber drivers drive for profit.  Even though all New Jersey drivers must have car insurance, in the past it was uncertain whether that insurance would apply because of this profit motivation.

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our Essex County accident lawyers are proud to remain at the forefront of the emerging legal rules governing Uber accidents in New Jersey.  When you sustain injuries in an accident involving Uber, we advocate vigorously for your right to recover compensation. Enhanced insurance requirements may apply even if you weren’t in the Uber vehicle.

Our skilled lawyers are here to advocate on your behalf and help you understand your legal right to compensation after an Uber accident.  We’re here to take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your first consultation is always free, so call or contact our office today to schedule your free case evaluation.

Unique Aspects of Essex County Uber and Lyft Accident Claims

Most Uber accidents in Essex County occur because of the same factors that apply to cause ordinary car accidents.  Drivers may be:

After all, Uber drivers are only human and are subject to the same temptations and tendencies as any other private driver on the roads.  The unique aspect of Uber accidents involves the insurance requirements that New Jersey has enacted to protect accident victims. 

Under New Jersey law, Uber must maintain at least $1.5 million in insurance coverage for injuries sustained in an Uber accident.  This coverage applies if the Uber driver “on duty” and:

The $1.5 million in coverage only applies if the driver was “on duty”—meaning that the driver was carrying a passenger or looking for a passenger.  In other words, if the Uber app is turned off, the driver’s own personal insurance applies.

New Jersey’s “limitation on lawsuit” insurance provision does not apply in Uber accident cases.  This means that injured parties can recover non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, even if the injuries sustained in the crash were not permanent.

Despite these seemingly simple requirements, Uber accident cases are usually more complicated than other car accident cases.   These laws are new and evolving—meaning that insurance companies may look for loopholes to avoid paying fair compensation. That’s where our experienced Essex County Uber accident lawyers come in to help protect your rights.

Skilled Nutley, NJ Uber Accident Lawyers Passionate About Helping Clients Recover Fair Compensation

At Birkhold & Maider, our personal injury lawyers’ job is to advocate vigorously on your behalf to reach:

When you retain our legal services, you can expect that we will be tireless advocates for your best interests. We work hard so that you can focus on your health and returning to normal after your accident. 

We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously and fight to win compensation for:

Because Uber drivers are classified as independent contractors, Uber itself cannot be held responsible for their actions under the rules that apply to employers.  This means that Uber itself cannot be sued for the driver’s actions. 

When facing Uber’s deep-pocketed insurance companies, any number of issues might arise.  The insurance company might even try to make you feel like you somehow contributed to causing your injuries.  Our skilled Uber accident lawyers are here to help make sure you get the compensation you need. We don’t back down when faced with deep-pocketed insurance companies, so call us today to see how we can fight to protect your rights after an Uber accident.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with the Experienced Uber Accident Lawyers at Birkhold & Maider in Nutley, NJ

Uber drivers are classified as independent contractors—meaning that Uber has little to no responsibility when one of these drivers causes an accident.  This fact tends to add complications to the mix when you’re injured in an Uber accident.

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our talented Uber accident lawyers are passionate about getting justice for our clients.  Our injury lawyers can help you understand your rights when you’ve been injured because of the negligent driving of an Uber contractor or were simply in an Uber vehicle during an accident.  For a free initial consultation to learn about your right to compensation, call or contact our office today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Essex County Uber Accident Claims

FAQ: What if I was injured in an accident caused by an Uber driver, but was sitting in the backseat so wasn’t wearing my seatbelt?  Am I still entitled to compensation?  

You may be entitled to compensation even if you were not wearing a seatbelt as a passenger in an Uber vehicle at the time of the accident.  Under New Jersey law, your compensation award may be reduced if the lack of a seatbelt caused injuries that were made worse than would have been the case with the seatbelt.  If you were more than 50 percent responsible, your compensation award may be denied. Our experienced lawyers will analyze all evidence in your case to present a powerful argument to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible after your Uber accident.

FAQ: Why doesn’t an Uber driver’s personal car insurance cover the cost of my medical bills just like any other driver?  

Most insurance companies that sell personal car insurance put a variety of clauses into the insurance contract.  Although most consumers don’t read these clauses, they serve to protect the insurance company from paying claims in certain situations.  Importantly, these contracts can provide that the coverage doesn’t apply if the driver is using the car for commercial purposes.

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