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Highly-Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Focused Advice And Effective Action To Injured Clients In Nutley, New Jersey

Sometimes accidents just happen, no matter how careful people go about their day-to-day tasks. When an accident happens and somebody gets seriously hurt, the injured person often needs a considerable sum of money to pay for doctor’s fees and hospital bills.

Unfortunately, quite a number of those who get injured in accidents don’t even know that they may have a viable personal injury claim against their employer (if it was a workplace accident) or against another person, for full compensation for the injuries and damages that he or she sustained.

In some instances, the injured person makes the mistake of taking the first check offered by the insurance company even though he or she does not yet know how much money would be needed for medical treatment; because the person who got hurt has not yet even fully recovered. When this happens and more money is needed down the road because the injured person has to go through more medical treatment or therapy, he or she finds out later on that demanding more compensation from the party at fault is already out of the question since he already took the first check. 

When you or a family member figured in a personal injury accident in Nutley, it’s important that you fully understand your legal rights and options before you make any decisions that can have an impact on your claim.

At Birkhold & Maider, our personal injury attorneys in Nutley will make sure when they get to talk with you about your claim that you are fully informed about your options. They’ll discuss with you not just financial compensation for injuries you sustained but also the amount of money that you could possibly get for your past, ongoing, and any future damages that may arise from your injuries. Don’t wait too long before you contact our personal injury legal team. Give us a call to set up a free case evaluation so we can discuss your case and show you how we can make a difference in getting the most financial compensation and damages for you or your loved ones.

We Handle Personal Injury Cases That Arise From All Types Of Accidents In Nutley, New Jersey

At Birkhold and Maider, our Nutley personal injury attorneys have extensive experience helping clients who got injured in all sorts of accidents, such as:

Whatever kind of accident caused your injuries, so long as someone else was responsible for the harm done to you, our firm can help you make them pay for the injuries and damages they caused to you.

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys Get Maximum Financial Compensation For Accident Victims In Nutley, New Jersey

Getting the most or maximum financial compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained from an accident is part of the process of obtaining justice by exacting liability from those who caused your injuries. While it’s true that no amount of money can turn back time after you’ve already sustained serious injuries, the reality is that you will most likely need a lot of money to pay for doctor’s fees and hospital bills. And if you can no longer work because of your injuries, then you would need a whole lot more money to cover your living expenses, while you try to figure out what’s next for you and your family. That is why Birkhold & Maider will work hard to get you fair and full compensation in your Nutley personal injury case. We will claim:

Contact us anytime when you are ready to talk about your case, and we’ll show you the amount of compensation you are entitled to under the law and how we can help you.

About Nutley, New Jersey

nutley nj personal injury law firm

Nutley is a township in the northeastern portion of Essex County in northern New Jersey. Nutley borders the towns of Clifton in Passaic County to the north and Belleville to the south. It borders the Essex towns of Bloomfield to the west and the Passaic River and Lyndhurst in Bergen County to the east.

Nutley has always had a small-town character and feel. Starting in the 1600s, Nutley was a township settled by the Dutch and the English. It was known then as Franklin. In the mid-19th to early 20th centuries, immigrants from Ireland and Italy began to arrive in Nutley to work in the local quarries that supplied brownstone to major cities like New York, and to the mills along the Third River. It was in 1901 that the township changed its name from Franklin to Nutley.

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Contact Birkhold & Maider to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our highly experienced personal injury legal team to get definitive information and advice about your legal rights and options on how to recover the maximum financial compensation for the injuries you sustained.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims In Nutley, NJ

FAQ: Will I have to go to trial to pursue my personal injury claim?

A good number of personal injury cases are resolved without ever going to trial or the claimant ever seeing a courtroom. Generally, insurance companies don’t like the negative press and bad publicity that goes with the connotation of refusal to pay an insurance claim. They would much rather prefer to settle personal injury accident claims than incur more costs from litigation. We’ll try our best to get you a maximum compensation settlement but we’ll also be ready to go to trial and we’ll be honest with you when it’s clear that going to trial is the best option in your case.

FAQ: How long will it take to resolve my case and for me to be able to get payment?

It’s not very easy to estimate exactly how long it would take for any personal injury claim to be resolved. For simple cases, where there are no issues about the liability for the claimant’s injuries and where injuries have fully healed, a personal injury claim can be resolved in as fast as a couple of months. However, if the party at-fault does not accept its liability for your injuries or otherwise contests the amount of damages you are claiming, or if you are still going through medication or treatment for your injuries, such that it is still difficult to accurately estimate how much you would be needing to pay for medical fees and hospital bills down the road, then it might take a bit longer to resolve your case. If the case has to go to trial, it could take anywhere between one to three years to reach a decision. This would depend on how complex the case is and the schedule of the court.

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