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Brain Injury Lawyers in Essex County, NJ

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyers Advocate for Accident Victims with Brain Injuries in Essex County, NJ

Brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries that an accident victim may suffer—not only do brain injuries have the potential to cause catastrophic physical injury, but they also carry the possibility of impacting your cognitive abilities, memory and even your basic personality.  Although some brain injuries—such as a simple concussion—are fairly mild, others have the potential to disrupt your life entirely, both from a physical standpoint and from an economic and societal standpoint. You may find yourself physically unable to perform at work, have difficulty interacting with family and friends and may even suffer permanent mental deficits.

Importantly, every brain injury is different, and if someone else’s negligence caused the injury, you deserve to have a lawyer on your side who has the experience and dedication necessary to protect your legal right to fair compensation from that negligent party.  At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our experienced Essex County brain injury lawyers work with the foremost experts in the field to gain a full understanding of the extent of your injury and ensure you get the financial compensation necessary to fully cover all costs associated with the injury.  We provide the personal attention and legal knowledge necessary to help you and your family move on with your life after a brain injury.

Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Brain Injuries in Nutley, NJ Cases

A brain injury can generally be categorized as either an open or closed head injury—and both types of brain injuries can produce catastrophic results.  In many cases, clients fail to seek immediate medical attention for closed head brain injuries because there may be no obvious physical damage immediately after an accident.  Regardless of the type of brain injury involved, some common symptoms to watch for (and to seek immediate medical attention in the event of) include:

While many brain injuries result from car accidents or other motor vehicle accidents, such as truck accidents or motorcycle accidents, a brain injury can result from a bicycle accident, slip & fall accidents and even sports accidents.  Even if you initially display no outward symptoms that a brain injury has occurred, it is important to seek prompt medical attention so that a trained physician can evaluate whether you have suffered a brain injury in order to ensure you receive proper medical care.

Experienced Brain Injury Lawyers Work Diligently to Get Full Compensation for Accident Victims in Nutley and Elsewhere in Essex County

Serious brain injuries can affect all aspects of your life, and our experienced injury lawyers are Birkhold & Maider, LLC are here to fight for your right to full compensation for these injuries—which often require long-term or even lifetime care.  A fair compensation package will include compensation for:

Our brain injury lawyers work with your family, your medical team and specialists in the field, including vocational counselors and therapists, to ensure you get the care that you need and the compensation required to fully cover the future costs that the brain injury is anticipated to impose—both from an economic sense and with respect to the damage to your ability to enjoy life.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation to Learn About Your Legal Rights After Sustaining a Brain Injury in Nutley, NJ

A serious brain injury can turn your life upside down, and our skilled Nutley, NJ-based brain injury lawyers are here to help with the healing process.  We do everything we can to smooth the process of recovering compensation so that you and your family can focus on regaining your normal lifestyle. For a free initial consultation with our experienced Essex County brain injury lawyers, call or contact our office online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injury Cases in Nutley, NJ

FAQ: To pursue a claim for compensation based on a brain injury I suffered because of a third party’s negligence, do I really have to disclose all of my medical records?  

Generally, yes.  The defendant’s attorneys and the insurance companies are entitled to review your entire medical history in order to determine the extent of the injury that was actually caused by the defendant’s negligence—in other words, to determine whether any preexisting conditions might impact your right to full compensation.  This includes both information about any physical injuries or issues that you have had in the past and any mental or emotional issues for which you may have sought treatment. Despite the fact that this information is usually privileged, when you take action to pursue a claim for compensation for your brain injury, that action is considered a waiver of the typical doctor-patient confidentiality that would otherwise apply.

FAQ: I sustained a brain injury that has required extensive medical treatment.  Will my car insurance personal injury protection coverage pay the bills or my health insurance? 

It depends upon whether you made an election when purchasing your car insurance to have your health insurance carrier provide primary coverage.  If you made this election, you will first look to your health insurance carrier for coverage. Otherwise, you will first look to your PIP coverage.  In either case, you may be required to pay co-pays or satisfy a deductible before full coverage kicks in. Our brain injury lawyers will evaluate your coverage to help you understand your policies and can also work with you to help you obtain coverage while your brain injury claim is pending so that you can pay your medical expenses later out of the settlement funds meant to cover those expenses.

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