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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Essex County, NJ

Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Accused of Crimes in Nutley and Throughout Essex County, NJ

When you or a loved one have been accused of a crime, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frightened.  You likely don’t know where to turn for help at a time when every aspect of your life may be overshadowed by the threat of criminal prosecution.  Bottom line: regardless of the crime alleged, you need the best and most aggressive lawyer available by your side.

Every single criminal case is unique.  At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, we take the time to give every client the personal attention that they deserve.  Many clients are so overwhelmed by the criminal justice system because they don’t know what to expect. We walk you through what is likely to happen—and what your potential options may be—to help put your mind at ease to the extent possible.

We’ve been effectively defending clients accused of committing crimes in Essex County for over a decade.  We know the New Jersey criminal justice system, we understand the legal process and we’re here to fight for your future.  Our defense lawyers are skilled both inside the courtroom and in negotiating behind the scenes. 

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our goal is to get your charges dismissed if at all possible based on the facts of your case.  Things tend to move quickly after you’ve been arrested, so remember that you can contact us anytime, 24/7, to tell us what happened and see how we can help. 

Types of Essex County Criminal Cases We Handle

The situation is all-too-common.  You’ve been arrested in Essex County and feel that your entire future is on the line.  While your future may be at risk, a strong criminal defense can make all the difference regardless of the crime alleged. 

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our highly skilled criminal defense lawyers don’t leave anything on the table when it comes to building your defense.  We put the full weight of our legal knowledge and experience to work in every case we take on. From seemingly minor traffic infractions to allegations of serious violent crimes, we have the experience necessary to take on the prosecution in your case. 

We handle cases arising from allegations of:

We put our skills to work to explore all potential alternatives to a criminal conviction.  In cases where outright dismissal of your charges is not possible, we can explore alternatives under New Jersey law, including:

We have the legal knowledge and resources necessary to build a compelling defense in your case.  Call or contact us today to see how we can work to protect your future.

How the Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyers at Birkhold & Maider Can Help

Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side is critical to reaching the best possible outcome in your case.  At Birkhold & Maider, our criminal defense lawyers will put our more than 40 years of collective experience to work for you.  Our talented criminal defense lawyers will:

Call the Experienced Nutley, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers at Birkhold & Maider for Your Confidential Consultation Today

Actions taken during the 24-hour period immediately following your arrest can be critical to the outcome of your case.  Even before you have been formally charged, our lawyers can jump into action on your behalf to begin building your defense.  In some cases, we might be able to avoid those formal charges altogether.

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our skilled Nutley, NJ criminal defense lawyers are committing to making sure you get the best defense possible in your case.  Whether you’ve been arrested on serious violent charges or been ticketed for a traffic violation, we’re here to mitigate the negative consequences. Call or contact us online today for a completely confidential consultation to discuss your case in greater detail.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Jersey Criminal Defense

FAQ: What is a plea bargain?  Can a plea bargain help in my criminal case?  

A plea bargain is an agreement that we reach with the prosecutor.  Usually, plea bargains are meant to resolve your case without a trial.  However, the plea bargain will almost always require you to admit guilt—albeit, usually for a lesser offense with less serious penalties.  Whether a plea bargain is useful will depend upon the evidence in your case. Our criminal defense lawyers will explore this option if appropriate in your case and make sure you understand all possible implications of accepting a plea bargain.

FAQ: What makes Birkhold & Maider, LLC different from other criminal defense firms?  

Our criminal defense lawyers focus on individual clients rather than simply churning out cases.  This means that we take the time to make sure you understand all of the options in your case. Other lawyers tend to rely heavily upon plea bargains to dispose of cases as quickly as possible.  While plea bargains can be effective, we only advise accepting a plea bargain when it’s in your best interests. We make sure you know all of the consequences of taking any action in your case so that you can make an informed decision.

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