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Fairfield NJ Personal Injury Attorneys

Birkhold & Maider LLC is an experienced Fairfield area Personal Injury Law Firm. It’s important to have experienced legal representation before facing the Essex County NJ court system. As personal injury lawyers Birkhold & Maider represent their clients in most types of accidents caused by the negligence of others. Birkhold & Maider is an advocate in recovery from an accident, offering to bring the right experts in to assist with building any case should it go to trial. The firm’s lawyers have a history for getting Fairfield area resident clients the restitution they deserve. Reach out for a free case evaluation, phone (973) 784-8630.

Fairfield Workers Compensation Lawyer

In addition to being the leading Personal Injury Law Firm in the Fairfield area, Birkhold & Maider Attorneys are also well versed in Workers Compensation Law and are proud to offer our services as Workers Comp Lawyers. You can learn more about our Workers Compensation practice on our services page

The Township of Fairfield

Fairfield NJ Personal Injury Workers Compensation Lawyers

Fairfield is a township in Essex County, New Jersey with an approximate population of 7,500 people. Fairfield has the lowest population density of any town in Essex County. It is located in the northwest corner of Essex County and it is bisected by Interstate 80 and Route 46.

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