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Municipal and Criminal Court Lawyers in Essex County, NJ

Seasoned Lawyers Provide Top-Level Advice to Clients in New Jersey Municipal and Criminal Courts

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our experienced lawyers serve clients facing a wide array of legal challenges that are handled at the municipal court level in New Jersey.  Whether you are facing a point-bearing traffic ticket, a DUI/DWI charge or a zoning challenge, the outcome of your matter can have far-reaching consequences. We’re here to stand by your side and use our significant legal knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Regardless of whether your case will be handled in municipal court or criminal court, you need competent representation on your side to protect your rights—and, in some cases, even preserve your freedom.  Collectively, our lawyers have 40 years’ worth of practical experience handling matters in the New Jersey municipal and criminal courts. We know how important the outcome of your matter is to your future, so we always take the time to personally discuss your case progress and all available options for resolving your case.

Many individuals facing charges in municipal court fail to realize the potentially severe impact that a negative outcome can have.  We’re here to provide effective and knowledgeable representation and to help you make informed decisions about your case. If you have questions about how our talented lawyers can use our knowledge to help in either municipal court or criminal court in Northern New Jersey, call or contact us today.

We Provide Full-Service Representation in Municipal Court Matters in Northern New Jersey

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our Nutley, NJ-based municipal court lawyers provide counseling, litigation, and administrative services to governmental agencies and entities, including:

Our experienced lawyers are proud to offer full-service legal guidance to municipal clients in Essex County and throughout Northern New Jersey.  In our 40-plus years’ worth of collective experience, we have developed in-depth knowledge of areas of specific concern to municipalities including litigation, real estate, planning, zoning, tax appeals, labor, and environmental issues. We also assist parties who have issues under dispute with public agencies or municipalities.

Common practice areas related to municipal law that our firm handles in New Jersey include:

New Jersey Municipal Courts Also Handle Traffic-Related Offenses

New Jersey municipal courts also handle most traffic-related offenses.  Our experienced municipal court defense lawyers at Birkhold & Maider, LLC serve clients facing a wide variety of “charges, such as DUI/DWI and various petty criminal offenses that are charged as disorderly persons offenses (misdemeanor-level crimes in New Jersey).  We can also help with issues that arise post-conviction. We handle cases in New Jersey including, but not limited to:

DUI/DWI charges are highly serious in New Jersey, and the penalties for a conviction can change the course of your life dramatically. New Jersey law provides for a mandatory driver’s license suspension that can last between three and 12 months for a first offense DUI/DWI, and up to ten years for a third or subsequent offense.

In addition, each DUI/DWI conviction threatens your physical freedom.  You may face 30 days in jail for a first offense DUI/DWI, and the length of your potential sentence grows for subsequent offenses. Our experienced defense lawyers will stand by your side to:

Traffic tickets and other moving violations in New Jersey, while considered less severe than DUI/DWI offenses, can also wreak havoc on your life.  Conviction for a traffic violation will result in the assessment of points on your driving record, which increase in proportion to the severity of the offense. 

The New Jersey point system is used to calculate:

We handle cases involving moving violations including reckless driving, failure to yield, improper passing, wrong way violations, speed violations, improper turns, leaving the scene of an accident, and more.  A traffic ticket for any of these offenses can cost thousands of dollars over the long-term—and can result in a license suspension if you obtain

Schedule a Free and Confidential Consultation with Our Skilled Nutley, NJ-Based Municipal and Criminal Court Lawyers Today

Our full-service practice includes practice before both the New Jersey municipal and criminal courts.  We want you to have a full understanding of your legal rights and how a conviction in municipal court can impact your future.  Whether you are facing a criminal charge, traffic offense or have questions regarding a potential violation of a municipal ordinance, our knowledgeable lawyers at Birkhold & Maider, LLC are here to help. 

For a completely confidential consultation with one of our Essex County municipal and criminal court lawyers, call or contact us online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Municipal and Criminal Court Matters in New Jersey

FAQ: How are municipal court matters generally different from criminal court matters in New Jersey?  

One primary difference involves who will decide your case.  In municipal court, a judge will hear and decide your case. In criminal court, you may have the right to a jury trial.  Generally, municipal courts decide non-criminal matters involving municipal ordinances. Criminal matters that can result in no more than six months’ jail time, traffic matters and DUI/DWI cases are also generally heard in municipal court.

FAQ: Are there any similarities between New Jersey criminal courts and municipal courts?  

Yes, there are significant similarities.  Just as in a traditional criminal case, we can challenge the admissibility of evidence and the credibility of witness testimony in municipal court.  We can also file a range of motions to convince the judge to rule in your favor. If you are faced with a disorderly persons offense, we can negotiate with the prosecution to reach a plea bargain or have your case dismissed prior to trial.

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