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Lyft Accident Lawyers in Essex County, NJ

Top-Rated Essex County Injury Lawyers Safeguard the Rights of Lyft Accident Victims Throughout New Jersey

In recent years, the Lyft ridesharing service has expanded to rival most Essex County taxis.  A Lyft ride can be more convenient than a typical tax ride because payment is handled entirely through the Lyft app.  However, because Lyft vehicles are the drivers’ personal vehicles, the laws governing Lyft accident cases are significantly different—and, of course, brand new.

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our accident lawyers are here to help you understand your right to financial compensation after a Lyft accident.  We know that the legal issues surrounding your right to compensation after a Lyft accident can be more confusing. This is because the New Jersey insurance laws that apply to Lyft drivers are different from those most drivers are used to.

If you have sustained injuries in a Lyft accident, you’re likely facing a number of questions.  Should you sue Lyft for compensation? Is the at-fault driver responsible? What if you don’t even have car insurance of your own to help with medical bills? 

We offer a free initial consultation so that you can begin to understand your legal right to compensation when your accident involves a Lyft driver.  Call or contact us online to set up your case evaluation today.

Important Action Steps After a Nutley, NJ Lyft Accident

Lyft accidents in Essex County are caused by the same factors that lead to any other car accident—the driver might be exhausted, under the influence of alcohol or simply fail to obey traffic laws.  Similarly, like any other accident, your first concern should be to see a physician to treat and evaluate your injuries. 

After a Lyft accident, you should also:

As of February 2017, New Jersey law requires that Lyft supply $1.5 million in insurance coverage to pay the medical costs of Lyft accident victims.  Because of the higher dollar values involved, Lyft’s insurance company may be even more motivated to minimize their liability for your injuries. Uncertainty over the new Lyft insurance laws generally makes it even more likely that you might experience problems with the insurance company. 

We’re here to protect your right to fair compensation and provide a no-obligation free case evaluation to all potential clients.

Trusted Injury Lawyers Help Clients with Complex Lyft Accident Insurance Claims in Nutley, NJ

We all understand how convenient the Lyft ridesharing service can be.  Riders simply exit the vehicle without the need to swipe their card or engage in a cash transaction.  At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our injury lawyers are here to help you navigate the complexities that arise when a simple Lyft ride leads to an accident. 

Importantly, the insurance rules that apply in Lyft accident cases are different from those applicable under New Jersey’s no-fault insurance law.  After a Lyft accident, our injury lawyers can help you recover compensation a number of ways, including:

Having a variety of available sources for compensation might initially seem to give Lyft accident victims an advantage.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Insurance companies will often try to shift the blame—and financial liability—to any other party involved.  When insurance companies are fighting among themselves to minimize their duty to pay, you might lose out on much-needed compensation.

Our dedicated accident lawyers will fight to make sure this doesn’t happen.  We put all of our knowledge and financial resources to work to make sure you’re compensated for:

While Lyft accidents share many similarities with other motor vehicle accidents, in some cases the resulting injuries can be worse.  Lyft passengers frequently don’t wear their seat belts—and many may (responsibly) be using Lyft because they’re intoxicated or hesitant to drive in poor weather.

We fight to make sure you receive compensation not only for your current expenses but for the cost of treating your injury over time.  Call us today to see how we can help in your case.

Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with Our Seasoned Essex County Lyft Accident Lawyers

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, our Essex County Lyft accident lawyers understand the new laws that apply in Lyft accident claims.  We know that it can be intimidating to speak with large insurance carriers who negotiate these claims for a living. Let us take on the burden of protecting your right to full and fair compensation.

We provide all clients with a free, no-obligation initial case evaluation.  We’ll listen to what happened in your case and give you our honest opinion about how we can help.  To schedule your free consultation, call or contact us online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lyft Accident Claims in Essex County, NJ

FAQ: Are there any situations where Lyft itself can be held responsible for my injuries after a Lyft accident?  

Lyft drivers are independent contractors.  This means that the company itself usually cannot be held responsible for their actions—even if the Lyft driver’s negligence caused the accident.  However, New Jersey law also requires Lyft to properly screen their drivers. This includes a complete background check to help keep Lyft riders safe.  Failure to properly follow these laws could make Lyft itself responsible for your injuries depending upon the circumstances.

FAQ: What if I was the Lyft driver and another driver caused an accident? 

If you were on duty via the Lyft app at the time of the accident, you can recover from both the at-fault driver and the $1.5 million Lyft insurance policy.  If you were off duty, your claim is treated as a typical car accident claim. This means that your personal car insurance will apply first, and then you may also be able to recover from the at-fault driver.

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