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Belleville Personal Injury Lawyer

Results-Focused Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Tirelessly to Help Injured Victims of Accidents in Belleville, NJ

At Birkhold & Maider, LLC, we believe that a personal injury attorney or law firm should do more than just file a claim on behalf of a client with the insurance company. Instead, we firmly believe in putting in whatever effort and work are necessary to build the best possible legal case on behalf of each client so that every client receives the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and damages. We recognize that every accident case is different and so each case requires its own approach and strategy. Regardless of whether you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall accident, or a defective product accident, our Belleville personal injury lawyers have the extensive legal experience and knowledge to successfully recover the compensation you deserve no matter how complex your case may be.

Obtaining a favorable outcome to your personal injury claim begins with understanding your legal rights and options. Contact our firm today to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to go over the details of your accident with us so that we can walk you through the process of pursuing financial compensation and help you make the best possible decision for you and your family. 

Our Personal Injury Claims Experience in Essex County

At Birkhold & Maider, our Belleville personal injury attorneys have helped clients successfully recover compensation in a wide variety of accident claims, including:

We are here to talk with you about the details of your accident and to discuss how our firm can help you and your family obtain accountability and justice after you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in Essex County.

Knowledgeable Personal Injury Lawyers Use Their Skills and Resources to Achieve Maximum Results for Our Injured Clients in Belleville and Throughout Essex County

The Belleville personal injury attorneys at Birkhold & Maider believe that in order for us to get you fair and full compensation in your case, we need to put in maximum effort in your case. The insurance companies and defense lawyers will do whatever it takes to deny your claim and avoid paying you the full compensation you deserve; we know it because we’ve seen it from both sides of personal injury cases. That is why our legal team works tirelessly in each client’s case to prepare the best legal argument possible. You can expect that, when you hire Birkhold & Maider to handle your personal injury claim, our attorneys will hit the ground running to prepare your case by:

Of course, our skilled attorneys always work hard to prepare your case to go to court, if it becomes necessary, and to show the other side that we are serious and will put in whatever effort it takes to see to it that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

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Belleville Personal Injury Lawyer
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Being injured in an accident through no fault of your own is a terrible thing, but you don’t have to face the burdens and consequences of your injuries alone. Contact Birkhold & Maider today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Belleville personal injury attorneys to discuss the details of your case and learn more about your legal rights and options for pursuing financial compensation and justice from those responsible for your accident and injuries.

About Belleville, NJ

Belleville is a township located in Essex County, New Jersey. Its name derives from the French “belle ville”, or “beautiful town”. Belleville was officially incorporated in 1839, dissolved in 1876, and reincorporated in 1910. Belleville was the first community on the U.S. East Coast to have a Chinatown, with residents welcoming Chinese workers who had worked on the Central Pacific Railroad. Belleville designates itself the Cherry Blossom Capital of the U.S., with an annual display claimed to be larger than the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. Belleville borders the town of Newark.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury in Belleville, NJ

FAQ: The person who caused my accident wants to give me money for my medical bills. Should I take it?

No. You should talk with one of our personal injury lawyers before accepting any money from any party responsible for your injuries or from an insurance company. Accepting money may be seen as a settlement of your claim; once you settle your claim, you cannot seek additional compensation from those responsible for your accident and injuries in the event you incur additional medical expenses or lost wages. Let us review your case so that we can help you understand what kinds of compensation you may be entitled to.

FAQ: What should I do after I’ve been involved in an accident?

If you are able to and if it is safe to do so, you should try to document the accident scene by taking photos or videos of relevant details, such as whatever you believe caused the accident and your injuries. You should also report your accident to relevant parties, depending on the circumstances of your accident, such as the police or the property or business owner where your accident occurred. You should also schedule a physical exam with your doctor to confirm any injuries you may have suffered in your accident. Finally, you should also be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our Belleville personal injury attorneys here at Birkhold & Maider to go over your legal rights and options following your accident.

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