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Jury in N.J. Issues Vehicular Homicide Conviction for Accident Caused by Texting-While-Driving

December 5, 2019

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Monmouth County, NJ Results in Conviction A Monmouth County jury returned a verdict on Friday, November 22, 2019, finding Alexandra Mansonet, 50, guilty of the vehicular homicide of Yuwen Wang, then 39-years old. Pedestrian Killed in Vehicular Accident Wang was killed in a motor vehicle/pedestrian accident that occurred on September 28, 2016. Wang was walking the Henry Hudson Trail while on a short break from work when she was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road. The vehicle that struck Wang was itself rear-ended by a vehicle driven by Mansonet. Mansonet was traveling southbound on…

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Letting a Lawyer Assist You with an Accident Investigation

November 13, 2019

The Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer When an individual wants to file a claim because they have been involved in an accident, it is necessary for that individual to have assistance from a legal professional because of the investigation process. An investigation is routinely performed to find out more information on the types of injuries that were sustained, the damage that occurred, and the details of what initially caused the accident to occur in the first place. Once a lawyer is hired, the investigation may begin and the evidence that is found may be sent over to the insurance…

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New Jersey: Construction Accidents and Worker’s Compensation

November 13, 2019

Filing for Workers’ Compensation After a NJ Construction Accident Have you ever noticed the overwhelming amount of safety tools construction workers haul around from job to job? Outsiders may see this as being overly cautious, but construction workers know how crucial every safety measure is. Construction work presents hazards and dangers that can lead to severe injuries if they aren’t managed properly. Learn everything you need to know about construction accidents and workers’ compensation in New Jersey below. Construction Industry Hazards You Need to Know About Construction workers take on a wide array of tasks. One day they…

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How to Calculate Your Personal Injury Claim’s Worth

November 13, 2019

Personal Injury Claims You’ve already suffered a lot. You were physically injured, missed time off of work, had to pay medical expenses and may have even suffered property damage, as well. Now, you just want to get back on your feet financially, but you have to shell out even more on legal fees to acquire the money. How do you even begin to put a price tag on these losses? How is the value of damages in a personal injury claim calculated? Get all the answers below. Compensatory Damages: What You Lost If you want to calculate how much…

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What Is Workers’ Compensation and How Does One Get It?

November 5, 2019

Explaining Workers’ Compensation When employees suffer injuries while at work, they can seek treatment at the hospital and still receive compensation that helps to replace some of the money they are missing out on from being out of work, even if it is only on a temporary basis. Workers’ compensation is designed to protect employees that could potentially suffer from different types of injuries while completing their usual tasks. Important Information You Should Know Workers’ compensation benefits are offered to employees that suddenly get hurt or possibly even become ill while they are at work. When these injuries…

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