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Tipped Dresser Kills Toddler and Leads to a Massive Settlement

February 4, 2020

A tipped dresser from major furniture retailer, Ikea, caused the suffocation death of a two-year-old boy in 2017. The child’s name was Jozef Dudek. Ikea reached a settlement with Dudek’s parents for $46 million as a result of his wrongful death. The parents of Dudek believe that this accident could have been avoided if Ikea created more awareness surrounding the company’s product recalls.  Recall for Dangerous Dresser Issued The dresser that killed Jozef was recalled a year before the boy’s passing. While the Malm dresser had already been recalled, the Dudek family was not aware of the recall because…

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How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Case?

January 16, 2020

What to Expect After a Car Accident in New Jersey In the aftermath of an auto accident, there is a lot that needs to be done, from medical treatment to car repairs. In order to do these, you may need funds from the at-fault party or parties that are legally responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, this is not always a quick process. Back and forth between insurance companies and lawyers can delay a monetary settlement, leaving the victims stuck in limbo. So how long does it normally take for someone to receive their monetary settlement, and what can you expect…

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Multi-Vehicle Traffic Collisions: A Post Accident Guide

January 9, 2020

Steps to Take After a Car Accident Car accidents are stressful situations, even if the collision is a minor fender bender. So when there are multiple cars or trucks involved in an accident, post-crash activity is going to be that much more chaotic. But if you try to stay calm and have a plan in place, you can navigate the storm and help those around you. Here is a guide to post-accident protocol after a multi-car accident. Immediate Aftermath The very first thing you want to check is the health and safety of everyone involved in the crash.

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Slip and Fall on Black Ice in a Store Parking Lot- Can I Sue?

December 30, 2019

Slip and Fall Accidents Overview As the weather gets colder and snow and ice begin to cover the roads and parking lots, you will notice more slippery of conditions. You probably take great care to remove slippery conditions from your own driveway and walkways to avoid a fall. But, what happens when you are visiting a local store and you suffer injuries from a slip and fall? Important Steps to Take Following a Slip and Fall You didn’t notice the black ice when you stepped out of your car and within seconds, you fell on your back. Now what? Who…

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What to Do After a Fatal Car Wreck?

December 10, 2019

Steps to Take After a Fatal Car Crash in New Jersey Car accidents can be minor, causing minimal damage, or they can be traumatic and fatal. It can be very overwhelming trying to navigate the aftermath of a car accident after losing a loved one. It is crucial to take the following steps to ensure that your rights are protected and that the responsible party is held liable. Causes of Fatal Car Accidents Unfortunately, there are many things that can lead to a fatal car accident. A few of the most common include: Driving under the influence of an…

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