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JUUL Lawsuit Attorney

JUUL Lawsuit Attorney
JUUL Mass Tort Litigation Lawyers in New Jersey

Experienced New Jersey JUUL Lawsuit Attorney Will Fight for Fair Compensation for Innocent Victims of JUUL Use in Essex County and Throughout NJ

JUUL Labs (JUUL) is the maker of a wide range of JUUL brand smoking products. These include e-cigarettes and vapor pods. JUUL is currently fighting multiple lawsuits alleging that JUUL failed to adequately warn its users of different risks associated with using JUUL products. Many JUUL products contain nicotine, which is addictive and can be dangerous, yet JUUL markets its products as a safer alternative to regular smoking products such as cigarettes.

Although nicotine can be harmful to anyone at any age, it has been tied to higher levels of addiction in children and teens. JUUL may have directly marketed its products to children and teens and if it can be shown that JUUL did not do enough to warn its users of the risks of using JUUL products, JUUL can be held liable for any resultant damages or losses.

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Understanding the Issue With JUUL Products

JUUL is a leading producer of electronic cigarettes that are designed to mimic the appearance and experience of smoking regular cigarettes. These products come in the shape of USB flash drives, pens, and other common household items. They can be fitted with a pod that contains high concentrations of different drugs and chemicals in liquid form, including nicotine and flavoring. A battery-powered heating element in the device heats the liquid in the pod, creating an inhalable aerosol.

A single JUUL pod can have as much nicotine as an entire pack of regular cigarettes. Also, because of how concentrated JUUL pods are, and because of how quickly each pod can be inhaled, the user’s body tends to absorb a lot more nicotine a lot more quickly than the user may otherwise do if he or she was smoking a regular pack of cigarettes.

If JUUL was aware at any point in time of the dangers of its products, or if it failed to test for or identify potential causes of harm, the company can be held liable for any smoking-related damages, illnesses, or losses suffered by its users. A failure to warn, identify causes of harm, or even stop the production of dangerous products once harm was identified can be grounds for a legal claim against the company.

A Qualified JUUL Lawsuit Attorney Can Prove Irresponsible Corporations Responsible for your Injuries

Regular cigarettes are widely recognized as being seriously bad for your health. A new craze of using e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes created a huge market opportunity for alternative smoking product companies such as JUUL that sometimes package their products as a safer alternative to regular smoking which has long been seen as a more dangerous habit or hobby than using e-cigarettes. Many of JUUL’s products come in a variety of flavors, enhancing their appeal, particularly amongst younger users.

Many children who used JUUL products have suffered many forms of harm from their use of JUUL smoking products, and you potentially have a case against JUUL if you or a loved one suffered any sort of harm by using JUUL products or devices.

If you or a loved one suffered nicotine addiction or other smoking-related illnesses or ailments after using JUUL products, you may be eligible for compensation. You may also be eligible for compensation if you were harmed in any way by the following:

An Experienced JUUL Lawsuit Attorney Can Help You Determine if You’ve Suffered Harm from JUUL

The use of JUUL smoking devices and vapor pods have been linked to a wide range of illnesses and health conditions, including:

Our JUUL Lawsuit Attorney will investigate your case and gather evidence to determine if – and to what extent – you may have suffered from the use of JUUL products. We will help you obtain medical reports, treatment bills, and the testimony of medical professionals to back your case. We will also quantify your damages and help you put together a claim which we will file on your behalf with the right courts in the right jurisdictions.

A Top-Rated JUUL Lawsuit Attorney from Birkhold & Maider Will Help You Fight for Justice

Facing many lawsuits, JUUL has started to clean up its act, but for many, the damage has already been done. If you or your child is one of the thousands of people who used JUUL products as a minor and developed a nicotine addiction or suffered injuries, illnesses, or harm of any other sort, you may have grounds for seeking compensation from JUUL for any smoking-related pain, discomfort, and medical treatment. Contact a JUUL Lawsuit Attorney at Birkhold & Maider, LLC today.

Our Essex County Injury Attorneys represent victims of JUUL products nationwide, and we engage in open and transparent communication with all of our clients. We passionately fight for the rights of our clients, even if it means taking a case to trial, and we have the experience and legal know-how to handle cases involving large, resource-rich companies such as JUUL and Big Tobacco.

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