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Essex County Mass Tort Litigation Attorney

Essex County Mass Tort Litigation Attorney
Mass Tort Lawyers in Essex County NJ

Experienced New Jersey Mass Tort Litigation Lawyers Committed to Fighting for Fair Compensation for Injured Victims of Dangerous Drugs and Defective Products in Nutley and Throughout NJ

A mass tort is when many people or entities are harmed in some way by the actions of someone else, usually a business or corporation. Mass torts are sometimes referred to as class action lawsuits, although the two are technically different. In a class-action lawsuit, all of the victims are represented collectively and have the same injuries or losses. In a mass tort, every victim has an individual claim and does not necessarily have the same injuries or losses.

Mass tort cases can happen in many settings and many industries. For example, contaminated foods or pharmaceuticals and defective medical devices or products can all harm hundreds if not thousands of individuals per instance. For each case, the harmed individuals would be the victims, and the at-fault corporation would be the defendant. If you were harmed in any way by the actions of a business or corporation, speak with a dedicated Essex County mass tort litigation attorney from Birkhold & Maider, LLC, today.

Types of Mass Tort Cases Handled by our Essex County Personal Injury Attorneys

As unfortunate as it is, it is not uncommon for products that are meant to help people to end up hurting them. People can be injured or become ill due to manufacturer negligence, poor worker training, unclear product labeling, poor product testing, product contamination, and blatantly false advertising.

For example, new drugs and pharmaceuticals can be highly profitable to produce and can lead to significant profits for the first company to produce a certain drug. However, this may entice a pharmaceutical to skip important safety tests or rush to production before ensuring that the drug in question is even safe. The same applies to products, devices, and services of every kind, from cars and home appliances to foods and more.

Examples of mass tort cases that our Essex County Injury Attorneys can help you with are as follows:

Handling mass tort cases requires an expert understanding of many different aspects of the law, from personal injury laws and defective product laws to how injuries and settlements are calculated and how liability and fault are determined.

The Benefits of Bringing a Mass Tort with a Qualified Essex County Mass Tort Litigation Attorney

Mass torts are an effective legal avenue for victims of accidents or negligence to recover compensation for their losses from big businesses and governments. By combining the claims of multiple victims with similar claims of other victims, you can:

Compensable Damages That an Experienced Essex County Mass Tort Litigation Attorney Can Help You Recover

Every individual’s losses and damages in a mass tort case are unique, and all victims represented in the tort will be evaluated individually. Any losses or damages you can tie to the drug, product, or event in question can be included in your claim.

Common losses and damages awarded to the victims of mass tort cases include the following:

Services Provided by our Trusted Essex County Mass Tort Litigation Lawyers

Birkhold & Maider, LLC’s mass tort lawyers work diligently to put forward the strongest case possible for the victims of business and corporate mass tort cases. Our attorneys will:

Top-Rated Mass Tort Litigation Attorney from Birkhold & Maider, LLC Will Take a Stand to Defend Your Rights

Our team of mass tort litigation attorneys has the experience and knowledge required to take on and fight complex mass tort cases against large, well-represented businesses and corporations. It is not uncommon for large businesses implicated in a mass tort case to try to skew the public’s opinion about the facts of the case or try to make the case disappear.

We will fight for your rights and will try to ensure that you receive every penny in compensation that you are entitled to by law. We are passionate about justice and helping the victims of corporate negligence get their lives back on track with the damages they are entitled to. Contact Birkhold & Maider, LLC today for a free case consultation and to learn everything you need to know about mass tort litigation.

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